emory university - atlanta, georgia

Dr. Carmen Marsit

Dr. Marsit established RICHS as a unique birth cohort in Providence, RI, with a focus on answering the questions of epigenetic regulation in human development. His research looks at the relationship of DNA methylation, genomic imprinting, microRNA expression, and other epigenomic features to the intrauterine environment and to birth and early childhood outcomes.

Karen Hermetz

Karen Hermetz is the lab manager for the Atlanta team. She is currently involved in the development of an NGS-based methylation assay. The goal is to create a streamlined sequence-based assay to investigate how changes in methylation affect gene expression.


Amber Burt

Amber Burt is the data manager and analyst for the Atlanta team. She handles all of the RICHS data cleaning and management. She also oversees implementation of statistical analysis for DNA methylation array projects.

Derek jobe

Derek Jobe is the Research Projects Manager for the Atlanta team. Before joining the Marsit Lab in 2019, he spent several years as a clinical research coordinator with the Emory University Clinical Trials Unit conducting studies for the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) and AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG). He oversees the IRB submissions and other regulatory matters.

the miriam hospital - Providence, Rhode Island


Dr. laura Stroud

Dr. Stroud is the founding director of the Maternal-Infant Studies and Child and Adolescent Stress Laboratories at Brown/The Miriam Hospital. She has an extensive background in clinical health psychology and developmental neurobiology with specific expertise in effects of prenatal tobacco and stress on infant and child neurodevelopmental markers.


Geidy Nolasco

Ms. Nolasco is a member of the Rhode Island Team for the RICHS follow-up study. She serves as Senior Project Director in the Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine, The Miriam Hospital, Brown Medical School, and offers more than 20 years of experience with longitudinal prenatal studies. Ms. Nolasco oversees project management, administrative tasks and institutional review board submissions for the RICHS follow up study.


Samantha goldman

Samantha Goldman is a member of the Rhode Island Team for the RICHS follow-up study. She works as a Research Assistant in the Centers for Behavioral and Preventative Medicine at the Miriam Hospital. She is a recent graduate of Northeastern University, and is interested in clinical psychology and public health.


Alana Corey

Alana Corey is a member of the Rhode Island Team for the RICHS follow-up study. She is a Senior Research Assistant in the Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine. Alana received her B.A. in Psychological and Brain Science from Boston University and is interested in social psychology.