The Rhode Island Child Health Study (RICHS) is a birth cohort of mother-child pairs in the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts area. The RICHS cohort provides a unique and innovative resource to better understand the fundamental role of the placenta in the programming of children’s health and disease risk. The cohort allows this information to be gained through genomic-specific methods that examine novel markers of environmental exposures in the placenta.

What is studied through RICHS?

RICHS is a study on how environmental exposures can affect children’s health through impacts on the placenta.

Who Leads RICHS?

The team behind this study is large, but Dr. Stroud and Dr. Marsit are the lead researchers for the RICHS cohort.


What has been discovered because of this study?

Dozens of papers have been published that detail the different scientific findings all made possible by RICHS.


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